Stripped, the short, is adapted from a feature written by India Dupré. In 1981, after being lured to Australia with the promise of a better life, then having her three young British children abducted by the government and placed in work camps as part of a “Keep Australia White” scheme, a shy yet determined mother becomes a stripper to survive, kidnaps her children back and flees across Australia while the government hunts them down.

A true story of family survival, matriarchal sacrifice and forgiveness. The 12 minute short takes place during the family’s life on the run, trying to create a sense of normalcy while living in a tent, and using their wits to stay together. 

Stripped, questions: What makes a home? What is considered a fit mother?  Four brick walls under the government’s care preyed on by predators? Or a flimsy canvas tent filled with an unconventional mother’s love?


Dean Cundey and the making of ‘Stripped’ 

It’s not often that an emerging filmmaker can include an illustrious name such as Dean Cundey in a story behind the making of a short film. However, Australian director India Dupré is able to say that the legendary Back to the Future cinematographer had a personal hand in the development of her latest short film Stripped, which premiered last year at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival and also screened at the Edmonton International Film Festival, where it won the Audience Choice Award for Best Dramatic Short.

India developed both the short and feature script through the writer’s program at Australians in Film (AiF) in Los Angeles, the industry guild for Australians who work in entertainment in the US.  Even though India has extensive experience directing for the stage, she made the short in order to prove her abilities as a film director.  “I had a strong vision for the story and felt that I could direct the feature, but needed to demonstrate to myself and others by making a short film.’’  She succeeded. (Excerpt from New Machine Magazine)